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Trimaco Eliminator Dropcloth


eliminatorTrimaco Eliminator
Coated Butyl Drop Cloths

225% more slip resistant and 20% more drapable than 10oz canvas, the Eliminator gives you leakproof protection that stays put where you place it. Make sure to use the coated side down. Professional grade, crack-resistant butyl works well in hot or cold temperatures, never sticking or cracking. Reduce messy clean ups by protecting your jobsite with the Eliminator.



Owner, Mike's Custom Painting

The only negative I have is that these tarps are a bit on the heavy side compared to traditional cloth tarps. The nice thing about them is they don't soak up mater so you can leave them outside in the rain. they're also less prone to Mold growth. Another nice thing about them is that if you use them to tent a house when spraying and they happen to blow into the painted surface, them don't stick as badly.
- Eliminator

Eliminator Drop Cloth

Completely leak proof which gives me peace of mind when leaving workers at a site with it. Heavy but Drapeable, stayed put on stairs when walking up and down. Heavy duty, 95+ temps outside and it held up wonderfully! This drop looks like it will last for years.
- Owner Craine Painting

Eliminator Dropcloth

leak proof - yes, but waaayyyyyy too heavy. I tossed on at one of my guys, and it almost knocked him over. I think medicine balls weigh less.
- Owner/Any Color You Like Painting

Eliminator Drop Cloth

Love, love, love these drop clothes! I've been using these drops for years, never has a but of paint soaked through to the floor. Compared to regular canvas drops they are a little on the heavy side, but that's a sacrifice I'm more than happy to make when protecting my customers floors.
- Paragon Painting

Eliminator Drop Cloth

They are definitely leak proof, but they have a heavy plastic smell and weigh quite a bit more than other drop cloths. I have been using Trimaco's Butyl II tarps for interiors, and I still prefer them over the Eliminator. However I could see the Eliminator runners being better for stairs, as the Butyl II drops really fall short in that area.
- Michael Hines

Eliminator Drop

I could see this being the perfect tarp for loading in on a project during snowy season. Its remarkably heavy so we knocked off one star. We used this tarp on about 5 jobs in a row before pitching it. I would not risk trying to wash one of these in a standard washing machine. No seeping even after stain, latex, coverstain, and spar varnish got on the Eliminator. Its a solid tarp and does what it says, just a bit too heavy for tarping rooms out every day with in my own opinion.
- Roger Coulter
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