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KOVRD Paint Tray Storage Bag


Tommy first saw these at PDCA Expo 2012 and it seems the folks at KOVRD have a winner on their hands with this KOVRD Paint Tray Storage Bag. The gang over at Traditional Painters wrote a nice piece up on them here.

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KOVRD storage bag

In my opinion a true worthy product in the painting industry is one that if you turn your back a painter will steal it and take it with him. I have lost three of these on the job site to painters who have felt the urge to own it without paying for it. This is a WONDERFUL product. No painter should own just one. Every painter should have multiples of this. If you are painting three colors it is so easy with this to have all three setups at the same time and all with fresh paint, fresh rollers, and paint that is kept fresh in a KOVRD storage bag. \r\n\r\nOnly thing I would add is BUY YOUR OWN, and leave mine alone. Great product... 5 stars all day long
- Jerry Fancher

Kovrd Bag Creates Efficient Transitions

It\\\'s like a little zippered time capsule that is designed to keep paint and paint tools wet for extended periods of time. \r\n\r\nRead my full review here:
- Scott Burt

Kovrd Paint Bag

I was given one of these to try by my local Sherwin Williams store. Absolutely love it and went back and bought several more. Keeps the paint and roller like the day you started using it.
- Bob Meriam

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KOVRD Paint Tray Storage Bag
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