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LiquiGlide Coating for Paint Eliminates a Sticky Problem


LiquiGlide Coating for Paint Eliminates a Sticky Problem

 Super-slippery coating allows paint to slide out of cans and through pipes with ease, minimizing waste and reducing harmful environmental impact

Cambridge, Mass. – April 23, 2014 – LiquiGlide, Inc. today announced the world’s first commercially viable super-slippery coating for paint and paint colorants. LiquiGlide’s permanently wet coating prevents paint products from sticking to cans and manufacturing equipment, delivering value to consumers and manufacturers by reducing waste and hazardous pollution, and improving production efficiency.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paint is the most voluminous and expensive household hazardous material that local governments collect and manage. The EPA estimates that between 35 and 103 million gallons of post-consumer architectural paint is disposed of by U.S. households annually. Improper waste disposal is also a major problem, with one gallon of paint capable of polluting up to 250,000 gallons of water.

LiquiGlide’s paint coating allows for easy and complete evacuation. As a result, consumers get all the paint they pay for, reducing waste and significantly improving quality as paint will no longer dry on container lids and contaminate fresh paint. For paint manufacturers, LiquiGlide improves energy efficiency and reduces paint build-up on their equipment, cutting downtime and cleaning costs. LiquiGlide’s coating can also reduce the amount of paint that reaches landfills and incinerators from both consumers and manufacturers.

LiquiGlide’s coating for paint and paint colorants was tested with more than 30 unique paint formulations and colors. The primary coating research included testing water-based paints and colorants on coated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) surfaces.

LiquiGlide’s coatings are customized for specific applications and products. Results may vary depending on chemistry, substrate and product conditions. LiquiGlide is actively partnering to release the paint coating for testing and validation with paint manufacturers’ specific products.

Key facts about LiquiGlide for paint and paint colorants include:

  • Safety – LiquiGlide contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Zero Product Impact – LiquiGlide has no impact on paint performance.
  • Durability – LiquiGlide withstands rigorous paint shaking, stirring and transportation.
  • Longevity – LiquiGlide has a shelf life of more than 16 months.
  • Customizability – LiquiGlide is customizable for each individual application to meet the needs of different paint formulations and surface materials.
  • Scalability – LiquiGlide can be applied using a spray-on process with equipment costs of approximately $150,000 per production line.
  • Odorless – LiquiGlide is completely odorless.
  • Recyclability – LiquiGlide has no effect on the paint container recycling.

“We’ve been working with several of the major manufacturers in the paint industry and we expect to see LiquiGlide for paint and paint colorants used in production lines this year and in commercial products within the next 18 months,” said LiquiGlide CEO, Dave Smith.

About LiquiGlide

LiquiGlide is the first company to create permanently wet slippery surfaces. What the wheel was to transportation, LiquiGlide is to liquids – it changes how liquids move. From oil and gas, to better packaging for consumer goods, to high tech medical equipment, LiquiGlide coatings allow viscous liquids to move easily. Because each coating is uniquely formulated, LiquiGlide can create coatings to work and be safe across countless consumer and industrial applications.



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