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Must-Have Tools for Professional Painters

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If you have finally made all the requirements for getting a painting contractor license, it’s time to go shopping for professional tools. Even though some try to, it’s usually impossible to substitute quality painting tools. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. When combined with adequate preparation and careful work, you are always sure to get the job done well. Let’s go through some must-have tools and paint products for a flawless finish.

Remember that even top-notch painting tools can not substitute good paint. No matter how high-end the tools you buy, if you cheap out on good paint meant for the material you are painting, you are not in for a good time.

Adjustable roller frame

An adjustable roller frame is an essential accessory to any pro painter’s arsenal. Not only does it allow you to use a variety of different size roller sleeves, but it also makes it a lot easier to swap roller sleeves when changing color.

An added, significant bonus is that it is a one-time investment that will save you money in the long run. You won’t have to constantly buy new rollers of the right size. And to compensate for the price, most manufacturers will make them sturdy so that they can last a long time.

Roller Extension Pole

Painters’ extension poles are used to help extend your reach. By utilizing them, you’ll be able to paint all room areas easily. An extendable two-foot roller extension should be usable in most spaces. However, considering the architecture in your area of work is still a brilliant idea. If most homes are known for their high ceilings, you should keep that in mind when shopping for supplies.

Microfiber roller sleeves

A must-have microfibre roller sleeve
The base of any professional painting service is the microfibre roller sleeve.

A standard 9-inch microfibre roller with a synthetic core and a 3/8-inch nap has become the industry standard. In most cases, the work will justify the cost when it comes to roller sleeves. So, don’t be afraid to splurge a bit when buying this product. “

Pro tip: Try testing the core. If you can’t close the opening when you take your thumb and index finger and push down the end of the roller from the sides, you’ve got a good one. 

Mini rollers

In most cases, when buying must-have tools for your painting career, the performance justifies the price. However, when it comes to the smaller 4-inch rollers, it’s excellent to go for the cheaper ones.

They are versatile because they can easily reach any corner or smaller area. Additionally, you can use them with most paints; they are inexpensive and deliver excellent results. Suppliers sell them in packs of 5 or 10 and include a mini roller frame, so losing or ruining one doesn’t cost you much stress.

Painter’s Tape

Quality painter’s tape is one of those things that you shouldn’t measure in proportion to how much it costs. The most critical part of painter’s tape is how you apply it. That means that a good tape must present the following attributes:

  1. simple to apply,
  2. removes without tearing, 
  3. stops paint from bleeding through, 
  4. can be applied to fresh paint,
  5. reduces clean-up time at the end of projects

Pro tip: Once you’ve set it up on the wall, we recommend running a damp rag over the edge to create a seal.

The sturdy ladder

A good ladder is one of the most important must-have tools, yet it’s often overlooked. The fact that it’s so unskippable for professional painters makes it feel like almost a given.

A standard six-foot aluminum or (even better) fiberglass ladder that fits your weight specifications is a good investment piece. Just don’t forget to factor in the heft of the things you’ll be carrying up that ladder.

A man holding a paintbrush on a ladder
As long as you have a sturdy ladder, you can safely paint the taller points of any home.

A ladder is a big piece of equipment. Combined with the rest of your tools, it can quickly start cluttering up your home. Unless you have a shed in your backyard that you can specifically dedicate for your painters’ tools, you should consider renting a self-storage unit. Make sure to ask all the questions necessary, so you can be informed about whether that storage facility will work for you. For instance, you might need some things momentarily, and at odd times, so you need to know whether that storage company permits such things.

Quality brushes

There are three main products that we will be discussing when it comes to brushes:

  1. Painting trim and cutting in require a good quality 2 1/2-inch angled paintbrush. Premium quality brushes have a special production process. While this does make these brushes much more expensive, it also makes them must-have tools for anyone who deems themselves a professional painter.
  1. This handy product ensures your quality brushes are completely clean for future use and last longer.
  1. Dust brushes are made for sweeping away the dust that accumulates on surfaces after sanding. Having a dust brush in your tool kit also saves you time, as you don’t have to use the hammer every time you sand.

Jointing knives

Jointing knives
Jointing knives are must-have tools, so you’ll probably want to get a few sizes.

You will most likely find it necessary to purchase two jointing knives. One smaller and one bigger. You’ll notice why a bigger one is important when you find yourself wasting time trying to use the smaller one to fill large scrapes, dings, and holes. We recommend owning at least a 3-inch and a 6-inch. You can also use the larger filler knife to hold the mixed filler while the smaller one is being used for finer tasks.

A heat gun with an adjustable thermostat

Heat guns with adjustable thermostats serve two main purposes. 

  1. They can strip paint off of any surface fast without leaving a sticky residue, unlike common chemical paint strippers 
  2. Save time by adjusting the temperature – This way, they can be used to dry patches of filler without harming the material, allowing you to continue painting.

With the rise of the DIY and house-flipping craze, experts from  reported more people are moving to homes with potential rather than turnkey. However, unlike professional flippers, they tend to be very impatient and do not fully grasp the work of flipping a house. As a painting contractor, a heat gun will help you stay on their good side by making your process much faster.

Be cautious with your money 

The items on this list are essential for someone who wants to be a professional painter. However, another part of being a good painter is being smart with your money. Many manufacturers prey on those new to this beautiful trade by trying to sell them things they don’t need. You should be fine if you keep your head on your shoulders. Remember, the first part of setting up a proper professional painting business is gathering the must-have tools to synergize with your talent and expertise to ensure good work.

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