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How to Get Your Small Business Involved in the Local Community

Painting an event venue as a way to get your small business involved in the local community

Building brand recognition and securing your place in the local community is never easy. However, there are some decent options you can try! To this end, let’s discuss how to get your small business involved in the local community.

Hold workshop events

As a small painting business, you will always have some leftover material. Sometimes, you can just not use it all up, either. Or it may not be something you can easily use in another job. Which leaves you with the choice of just hanging onto these odds and ends or throwing them out. Neither is ideal since one is just wasteful and the other potentially disruptive if it all takes up too much space in your storage. What you should do, instead, is use it as a way to stand out among other painting contractors. People love fun arts and crafts workshops, and you have a perfect opportunity to organize them inexpensively. Alternatively, you could organize workshops as lessons on how to take care of walls to extend their longevity properly. Or anything that you can come up with doesn’t cost too much!

A workshop in progress.
People love to take part in exciting group activities.

Pitch in for local events

As the moving experts from movingworldwide.com like to point out, local community event organizers are often desperate for professional help. This means you can get recognized as one of the main contributors and get your small business involved in the local community by offering your services when the event space is prepared. It might not be a paying job, but making that investment would eventually pay off! Just the process of working with people to organize everything and mingling with the locals will likely massively increase your brand awareness. Especially if you are smart about subtle advertising, such as wearing work clothes with your brand, branding your work vehicle, and similar.

Get involved with local schools

Schools struggle with budgets most of the time. Which sometimes leaves smaller local public schools with not a lot of funds to invest in renovation or fun events. If you have enough leftover paint or just want to invest in building your brand, offering them your services is a perfect venue. Doubly so since you can ensure that the kids, too, have a fantastic time. Kids love to paint, and anything that gives them an excuse to splatter some on walls. So, with school permission, you can ‘decorate’ the walls by getting the kids to help you make some drawings. You can get your small business involved in the local community and make some kids’ day simultaneously. This is a fun option even if you are trying to start a painting business without experience since the general chaos covers up any mistakes.

A kid playing with paint.
Just know things will get messy very quickly.

Organize contests

Another fantastic way to get your small business involved in the local community would be to organize painting contests. Now, this would likely take the permission of the local city or town authorities. However, if you can ‘secure’ a couple of flaking walls or ones in much need of decoration, you’d be set. In other words, you only need to provide paint. And then encourage people to use it to create whatever masterpieces they want on the available surface. You can, of course, expect a lot of children to be thrilled by the event. But you might also be surprised by the adult turnip and the quality of the final results. Just remember to prioritize safety for the event! And read up on qualities to look for when renting business storage to make sure it’s safe if planning to store the supplies near the venue.

Organize charity events

The final venue to get your small business involved in the local community would be to organize charity events. Now, you can organize classic fundraisers and maybe incentivize people to pitch in by offering your services at a discount. Or you can take a more hands-on approach. If there are shelters, orphanages, or charity facilities in your area, you can offer your services to them for free. Or maybe team up with other businesses in your area. Such as handymen or construction services to properly renovate the places. Such a gesture often means a lot to them. And you would garner a lot of goodwill with the community. And the experience might even let you learn more about running your painting business better!

Trying to get involved in the local community through charity work.
Non-profit organizations always need all the help they can get.

Final comment

Now that you’ve read up on how to get your small business involved in the local community, you can start making plans! There are several options for you to consider, so pick out the ones that seem more promising. Or use them as inspiration to come up with some of your own!

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