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Paint it Forward


Painting is a rewarding job in and of itself.

Working with clients to execute their visions and transform their homes is one of the most satisfying things I can imagine doing. This is why I started my business in 1987 and why I have worked so hard to grow ALLBRIGHT 1-800-PAINTING over the past 28 years.

That said, I always felt like I wanted to do more. We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners create their dream home over the years, but I know there are countless other non-profits and families who could benefit from our services but cannot afford it. ALLBRIGHT’s model is “Painting Happiness.” Was there some way I could bring painting happiness to this group too?

10 years ago, with that question in mind, I started the Paint-It-Forward charity program, a program where we donate painting supplies and painting services to deserving members of the Greater Los Angeles community. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of a program that has grown bigger and better every year, I want to tell you a little more about Paint-It-Forward and give you information about how your painting company can get involved too.

Josh Allbright


What Is Paint-It-Forward?

Paint-It-Forward is an annual charity program that we started in 1996. Members of the local community are asked to submit stories of non-profits or deserving families who are in need of painting but can’t afford it. The stories are submitted to the ALLBRIGHT Painting Happiness team, who narrows the selection down to the top candidates. Customers then vote for the winner, and the recipient wins up to $10,000 in free painting services. ALLBRIGHT employees volunteer their time for this event, an event that shows just how much happiness can be unleashed in a few cans of paint.

Here’s a video we created earlier this year where we donated our services via the Paint It Forward program to Partners For Potential, an assistance facility for adults with developmental disabilities.


The 10 Year Anniversary

2015 marks the 10th annual Paint-It-Forward event, an anniversary celebrated not just by ALLBRIGHT but also by a number of other painting contractors and service providers who have joined the event over the years. Combined we are celebrating over $1,000,000 worth of giveaways over the past 10 years.

Past Winners

ALLBRIGHT’s Paint-It-Forward winners include deserving families and non-profit organizations in the Greater Los Angeles, nominated by members of the community and voted in by our customers. Some of the past winners include:

  • 2012 – The SCV Food Pantry of Santa Clarita Valley, an organization dedicated to making sure no child in the community goes to bed hungry.
  • 2013 – The Magno Family, a family who needed to put their home on the backburner as they helped their 17 year old daughter battle brain cancer.
  • 2014 – The Espinoza Family, a family that lost its matriarch to a long struggle with cancer but was able to celebrate her memory by making her dream of painting the home come true.
  • 2015 – Partners for Potential, Inc., an organization that provides training, education and assistance to adults with developmental disabilities.

Help Nominate Our Next Winner

Right now we are taking nominations for at least one more $10k painting services giveaway this year. If you know a deserving family or non-profit in the Greater Los Angeles area, please nominate them on the Paint-It-Forward Nomination Page.

Get Your Painting Company Involved in Paint-It-Forward

Paint-It-Forward is a perfect charity event for any painting company that wants to give back to its community. To get started, contact Josh at ALLBRIGHT (josh@allbrightpainting.com). Josh will respond back with a packet that provides painting contractors with everything they need to get their own program up and running.

To Another Wonderful 10 Years

In the first 10 years, Paint-It-Forward has surpassed my expectations and wildest dreams. We welcome all other painters who want to join us to make the next 10 years of Paint-It-Forward even better.

Editors Note: Thanks to Josh Allbright for sharing his Paint it Forward program, his efforts to educate painters and his contributions to the industry.

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