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People of Interest from the PDCA Expo 2012

This was my first experience with the PDCA, although I knew that many of my online painting contractor friends were members, and spoke highly of their local chapters, but I had never joined. Mostly because there was no active local chapter, so I figured, “why bother”. Big Mistake!

During the Expo I attended several educational classes, luncheons and joined in several lively “hallway discussions”. I was extremely impressed with the passion and level of professionalism I encountered at every turn. The general spirit was “let’s share and learn”.

A few of my favorite peeps,  I plan to post more later in detail, so keep checking back!


We will be highlighting some of these folks in upcoming articles.

Professional Women in Painting Forum

  • Darylene Dennon, she she seems to be the engine of the forum
  • Carol Adkins, another dynamo, she was great to meet.
  • Karen McClain, the “third leg to the stool” that are the founding members of the forum

So many other great ladies as well,  I hope to reach out to several over the next few weeks and continue some of the great dialogue we started!

PDCA Members

Meeting many other members while breaking bread, waiting for seminars to start, during breaks or the great evening social activities was a great treat (the Sherwin Williams party is a whole ‘nother story!) It really reaffirmed my belief that this industry is filled with professionals who have the best interest of their customers in mind  by building businesses built on sound principles.

Trade Show

I look forward to seeing Tommy’s reports on the trade show activities, I know I saw several interesting products and my husband has already ordered the Festool catalog and has several items in the Tri Tech catalog circled! Seeing great artists like Pierre Finklestein and the ladies from Artisitic Studios gave me some new ideas I want to explore!


In the past year, Scott, HeidiTommy and Brandt have  become close online friends and invaluable resources during the evolution of this blog. To finally be able to meet face to face was a great treat! I look forward to growing those relationships!

Was it worth it?

Yes, Yes, Yes! I considered it a worthy investment in my business, my personal professional development and the opportunity to share Blogging Painters with the folks I met. The networking, sharing, business building and collaborating at an event like this renewed my faith in the industry and recharged my batteries.

I plan to continue down this path, how about you?




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