Saturday, May 18, 2024
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5 thoughts on “Tommy Johnson

  1. Scott, this was one of the few times I have used Sherwin Williams Pro Classic in the last five years.

    The current coating was a very nice oil enamel, and had not been touched since it was new. We sanded, and cleaned areas with degreaser and applied a coat of oil primer.

    Sanded again and applied two coats of Pro Classic gloss acrylic. For application we used an FF 210 and the bullet proof Airlessco lp 540. I really love that pump.

    I still haven’t completed the before and after video for this project. It was a big one where we were able to showcase our work across all our services offered.

    The neighbors were so impressed we have done three other jobs in that community so far with more scheduled.

  2. Tommy, I love that pump also…workhorse. We have used Pro Classic on 4 large jobs this year; water borne acrylics have really improved. Thanks for the production video; looking forward to the after video.

    J Shearer

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