Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Purdy Dual Roll Off Bucket

purdy bucket

purdy bucketPurdy Dual Roll Off Bucket

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Super cool Purdy Dual Roll Off Bucket

Love it, set it up in a room and use both sides! The only thing I would change are the extreme corners, put more of a slope so the paint flows out better into the main pan area.. other than that it is super! I use 18\\\" rollers most of the time (if I can get away with it) and to not have to turn the bucket to use the rollers is insanely more efficient!\r\n\r\nHopefully the update will have a better corner area (more slope please).. but this is a dang nice bucket/pan and for a single user, or multiple users.. it really helps work flow!
- nathan deneault
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