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Sherwin Williams Emerald-The New Jewel?


Sneak Peek on Sherwin Williams Emerald  Paint Review!

I am excited to announce I am preparing a review for a the new Sherwin Williams Emerald paint, which is the flagship coating in their new 0 VOC colorant system. Available in any color at 0 voc’s after tinting. Exterior sheens come in flat, satin and gloss while interior Emerald offers matte. satin, and semi-gloss. Emerald has several improvements that come with the new zero VOC ColorCast Eco Toners™.  These new performance enhancements promises are outstanding color hide, color accuracy, stain and water streaking resistance, low blocking with excellent burnish resistance.

I will be applying satin, matte, and semi gloss on interior repaints through out the month of July and offer readers here real world testing scenarios.  Hopefully these tests will show exactly what you can expect from this new coating line from an industry leading company many contractors and homeowners the world trust. We also will be evaluating exterior Emerald in the coming months as well.

Be on the lookout for this new premium paint scheduled to be available at your local Sherwin Williams now!

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23 thoughts on “Sherwin Williams Emerald-The New Jewel?

  1. Hey Tommy, We are about to test out Emerald up here and Canada as well. Can’t wait to share the results. We are thinking this is going to be a homerun for SW.

  2. Look forward to hearing what you think Heidi. We were able to use the exterior high reflective white in gloss last week and I really liked it.

    Big improvement over Duration in work ability and hide. Our finish had plenty of work time even in direct sunlight in the harsh Carolina July sun. I am really interested to see how the spread rate compares to the exterior champ in color.

  3. We recently painted an entire exterior with the material and were impressed with how well it covered. I will also start a review with some photos once we get everything together. Our initial feelings are that it is a great product, but not sure if the price is worth it. More to come! I am eager to here your results!

  4. I recently painted an exterior in Madison, Wisconsin with Emerald. Flat for the cedar shingle siding and satin for the wood trim. I spent over $1,000 for 20 gallons at %30 off, which comes to about $52 a gallon. The house wasn’t that big and I would have normally spent about $600 or so on Behr or Hallman Lindsey paints.

    No doubt it covered well. But it was too expensive. I’m not sure if it was worth it for the siding, especially since we sprayed the topcoat. On the trim it covered and applied perfectly and I would buy it again for trim.

    We were impressed with its coverage and it looked great but so can less expensive paints. If it doesn’t hold up and stay looking great for many years then it is not worth it. Only time will tell.

  5. I purchased two gallons for a test on an exterior of a home in Dublin, Ca. It came to $46/gallon with the introductory %40 discount. I purchased 2 gallons and for my firt test I sprayed in direct sunlight with a way too hot substrate to see if it would flash. It did not! Very good coverage and nice finish. My only problem was fingering at the outside of my spray fan. I had to turn the pressure way up higher then I like to eliminate this problem. Their technical people said I could think up to 10% with water. That also helped. I’m painting another home this week and am using A-100 on the large soffits and Emerald on the siding and trim. Hopefully, with the %40 discount this will be economically feasable. I do have faith that the home is going to look outstanding and last just short of forever. The cost of this paint may be its downfall.

  6. Just had our 2000 square foot home painted with the EMERALD. It looks terrific! Our contractor had used DURATION in the past, so this was his first time with the new EMERALD. He was very impressed, and said he would use it again, if the customer wanted to step up to the extra cost. And oh yes, we did get in on the 40% deal, so we are extatic! Life time warranty for anything,, got to love it.

    1. Hi Bob,
      Glad to hear from a homeowner! We just did a similar size home and it turned out very well, the homeowner loved it. The price point is a barrier to some, but the results are worth it!

  7. i did not like it at all . it had lots of chuncks and needed to be screened befor i could even us it it did not cover vary good at all 175 sqt a gallon and i was using matt finish. supper paint is much better any day

  8. I painted my home’s exterior entirely with SW Emerald paint (Olympus White). Very very nice. It went on easy, minimal drips/splatter and the finish is one of the best I’ve seen. The paint itself looks, feels and behaves like liquid stucco/plaster. Very thick and easy to apply. When you’re done painting, it will look like a brand new stucco job instead of a paint job. I used SW solo paint for the wood trims in the same color, also beautiful. Of course I only bought this paint when a sale was on otherwise I would just wait…..presently just got done painting the interior hallway and will be painting the bedroom in a few days all with Emerald interior of course.

  9. We give Emerald 4 stars out of 5 so far. The deep colors cover and the sheen is good. dry time is quick and so far we have used on cedar shakes and rough sawn timber along with pine trim. WE have brushed, rolled and sprayed Emerald. The more we use it the more we like it.

  10. I think I just ruined a room that I have been working on for a month. I thought I had wall issues and reprepped the walls with blocker and primer twice. This was after the initial Emerald streaked and left lines. I figured the walls were the problem. Now, I was putting the last coat on and it was the Emerald. Problems all over, again! I am disabled and cannot be doing anymore of this. I have already delayed moving for a month because of this as I needed this room done before the rest of the work could be started due to the dust it would cause and other issues.. I am sitting here crying. I had another gallon made of the Emerald because I was going to need more than one gallon. Both gallons have damaged the walls. I am unsure what I can do to salvage this mess besides living with it for the rest of my life. I used to love Sherwin Willliams. This is enough to make me leave.Sherwin Williams forever.

    1. Sorry to hear you are having problems, are you a professional painter or DYI’r? If you would like to email me with some some photos and more information, I’ll see if we can help you. (

  11. I have had lots of headaches with this formula. Asked advice from SW manager and she gave me different roller covers. Still have roller marks, NEVER had these problems before and I have used several different brands of paint, cheap-high quality. I have 12ft. Ceilings with lots of natural light, so my walls are big….shows everything! This experience may have ruined me from ever using SW paint again.

  12. I am 72 years old and I have been painting most of my life … interior, exterior … siding, walls, woodwork, cabinets, furniture etc. I have used Sherwin Williams paint often. I am in the midst of painting new woodwork and closet doors. The woodwork was primed already and my husband primed the doors. After 2 coats of Emerald Satin Finish “Creme” (the color) it is obvious that a third coat is needed. This is the worst paint I have ever used. The finish is rather dull for satin and streaky. I am going to Sherwin Williams this morning to have Creme colored Satin Finish mixed in one of their less expensive products. I just used the Cashmere line (much less expensive than Emerald) on the walls and they turned out beautifully.

    I am mystified at the reviews as they are very mixed.

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