Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Tape Tool

  After carrying different types of tape up and down ladders and crawling along baseboards, residential painter and engineer, Bob Stenavich, discovered a need for a device to safely hold, carry, and dispense his tape. Needing a solution, he invented and engineered the TAPE TOOL.        

‘SNOT Tape

Which ‘SnotTape Do You Need? The key here is surface energy, which determines how well ‘SnotTape will stick to your surface. It’s hard for things to stick to a low-energy surface, and a lot easier for things to stick to a high-energy surface. Primed, Flat or Delicate Surfaces are high-energy surfaces in which things are […]

KleenEdge Paint Tape

STRAIGHT CLEAN LINES MADE EASY For professional results, use EasyMask® KleenEdgeTM Painting Tape. Easy to apply and remove, this tape will save you time and money. The unique masking paper design catches paint spills and splatters while you paint straight lines. Perfect for painting walls, ceilings, trim, windows, baseboards, faux finishing and more! Source   […]