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Trimaco Floor Guards

floor guards

floor guardsTRIMACO E-Z Floor Guards™ work by easily placing a sheet of adhesive plastic film on the bottom of your shoe or boot to avoid tracking dirt and debris into a home or jobsite. Simply STEP, PULL and TEAR. No need to bend over and struggle to apply like traditional shoe covers. Going back outside? Don’t bother removing the film, just reapply a new layer as you re-enter the jobsite. Keep your home or jobsite clean with the easy to use and economical E-Z Floor Guards.



Trimaco EZ Floor guards

As a painting contractor I have found this shoe guard "machine" very innovative. I'm in and out of the front door of projects 10-20 times a day. This tool not only covers your shoe bottoms but broadcasts to the client that you truly care for the home they love. The operation of the machine is pretty straight forward and only take a minute to get the hang of applying your shoe covers. The sticky shrink wrap comes in a roll and is simple to load. The serrated blade that cuts the wrap must be popped up by hand lever so this tool does not save any bending over to wrap your shoes each time. Once you step on the unique cushion to wrap your shoe you pull until it wraps the top tip of your shoe. Once you have your covers on and it's cut you have to bend back down and use the hand lever to lower the serrated blade so no worker or client accidentally cuts themselves or walks on the blade. Upon getting the Machine I've used it on 6 recent projects. No matter what shoe or boot I wore I kept getting a sticky residue on the bottoms of my footwear after wearing several layers for about 4 hours each time. Although it's a great idea I really do hope they can improve upon the residue left behind on my shoes and the serrated blade function, making that procedure foot operated. My highest praise is the standard this product speaks to my client, it definitely showed some clients that the care of their home was a top priority of mine.
- Roger Coulter

EZ Floor Guards

It has always been such a hassle when I go out to the truck for a single item, especially when it is raining out. Now, no matter how many times I am coming back in, all I need to do is step on the film applicator and keep right on stepping with very little hassle or delay. This is really the best new product I have seen in a long time.
- Tim Laur

Trimaco Floor Guards

Bulkier than a pair of slip on booties. Definitely shows the customer you care about their home. Upside if you walk out when its raining the film protects against moisture where a fabric bootie will not. Just a bit too large if an apparatus to add to the daily tool box versus a pair of booties that can slip in your pocket in my opinion.
- Michael Craine @ Craine Painting LLC

EZ floor guards

I bought three of these for my crews. Two of the crews use them pretty religiously and the third crew has it firmly buried in their truck. Lo and Behold I get a call back on junk tracked across a floor. Of course the crew that never uses this is the guilty party. The product works and if used would keep all sites clean. It is a bulky system but it does work.
- Jerry F
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