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TYVEK Coveralls


Coveralls are heavy duty and virtually impenetrable. May be used for lead-based paint, asbestos & mold removal. Protects clothes from spills & splatter.



Tyvek Coveralls

Wearing these coveralls, with a respirator and goggles, you need to expect some Breaking Bad comments to come your way. Great product. I appreciated the fact that I didn't have to scrub over spray off myself when I got home. Really saved me the extra clean up time. Only downside was the immediate heat issue. Very hot after 10 min in a 75 degree room. After 20 min I had to take it off. I see this being great for winter months!
- Owner Craine Painting

Tyvek Coveralls

I use these coveralls only when I'm spraying oil based primers..they are lightweight and keep all residue off my clothes.
- Pro Painter

Tyvec coveralls

These coveralls were perfect for spraying dry fall in mass quantity. The zipper quality was great and never had a snag all day long. I had clean pant legs even after direct dripping on the leg of the suit to test for leak through. All stitching held up great as well. Id definitely buy this suit again...
- Roger Coulter
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2 thoughts on “TYVEK Coveralls

  1. They come in very handy for certain things but temperature is a MAJOR factor, if its hot forget it unless its for 5 min. You’ll bake. I use them when the weather turns cold and or windy in the fall and spring. Step into one of those and the wind is gone . I use them quite a bit in the morning and then just step out of it if I’m in the sun or it warms up. If I also have to sand something quick I will throw one on. Also they come in handy if it starts raining lightly, they are water resistant.

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