Saturday, May 18, 2024
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This one should win just for the catchy tune that I’ll be humming all day! Josh and his team always have great enthusiasm and you can see the level of company culture. His professionalism and leadership has created a wave in the painting industry with many others “picking up the brush and Painting it Forward”

Good Luck Allbright Team!

Speaking of company culture, be sure to view all of the videos from the Scaturo family and Alpine Painting. What a great narrative of the history of a generational business that grew stronger and better every year and it’s clear that they “love what we do”.

Then there are the videos that show off great projects, both exterior and interior. Check out the team from iTech Painting¬†as they transform an office space with bold colors and sharp lines. Or the “Ice Cream Man” as he creates a plaster finish.


A great example of a video to show to customers by Neubert Painting is this one.

There are several more videos that show the craftsman (and woman) -ship that is practiced every day in our industry and we tip our hat to all!

Check them out and vote now!

Have you been thinking about getting more into video with your paint company?

Check out this article on how you can market with videos.

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