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Website Review-Paint Track

Website Review with Blogging Painters

This month our website review highlighted  Paint Track, the website of Ray Rahni, who does some incredible work in Westchester County, NY. We were sorry Tess couldn’t make it due to illness, hope she is all better! Darren did his usual outstanding riffs and provided some great insight. We were joined on the hangout by Steve Burnett of Burnett Painting in Venice Florida and Patrick Miller of Miller Painting in Long Beach California, they asked some great questions. Ray was able to listen and participate via text.

Home Page

Darren discussed the benefits of a localized phone number, the use of Arial font for text for ease of reading in other browsers and devices.  Is having your Social Links and Blog links on your front page the best idea? Darren discusses why it may not be.


Navigation bar is too cluttered, it forces the contact link down a row in some browsers. H1 tags were discussed again, this seems to be missing on many sites.


Features and Benefits need to be highlighted more in the first 50 words. Darren discussed “calls to action” and offering choices. Text needs to be broken up with subheads, using H2, H3.  Darren discussed the drawbacks of having outbound links on your logos.  And as usual, Alt tags were discussed.

The next 15 minutes were spent on the About Page

About Us

Darren discussed what should be on the About Us page. How you can build confidence using your skills and show the benefits.  Darren suggested several strategies.

The next 15 minutes were spent on the Contact Us and Service Page

Contact Us

“Don’t make think” was the mantra here, several good suggestions on approving this page.

Service Page

This page needs to be broken up into multiple pages for each service. Each page needs to be optimized, Darren shared some upcoming Google changes…

The next 15 minutes was on the Services Page and Testimonials


This page is a goldmine of good information, it needs to be showcased and highlighted, images and links would help. Expand the content and weave it into the front page. Darren also answered Steve’s question about You tube videos ranking.


Great page, authentic testimonials, but no call to action!

The next 15 minutes was on the Gallery and Free Estimates

Photo Gallery

Beautiful and well captioned pictures, more content than can be weaved into the site. The Alt tags added will help in searches.

Contact Form

This form needs to cleaned up, too many fields, the captcha was discussed as well. Darren had some pertinent points on the “sales funnel”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steve commented on the success he has had with transparency, Darren discussed the usefulness of a FAQ.


Ray has some good info on his blog, Darren and Steve brainstormed ways to weave it into the website.

So what do you want your site to do?

If you would like to improve your site, follow the instructions here!




9 thoughts on “Website Review-Paint Track

  1. Chris, Darren and gang,
    I really enjoy your reviews. I can not believe all the parts of a great web site. It is quite a learning process. Keep up the great work.
    Thank you

  2. Thank you Chris and Darren:
    The review was very detailed and informative. I thought my website looked and worked fine until I listened to what Darren had to say!

    Keep up the good work,

    1. Thanks Ray, glad you found value in it! It certainly does help to have an expert like Darren give feedback, keep us posted on the changes you implement and how it works out.

    1. Steve, the next one will be on October 17, they are the third Wednesday of every month. We are still accepting websites for review. Be sure to subscribe to Blogging Painters so you don’t miss it. If you are on G+, be sure to add us to your circles, click on the G+ button on the upper left of the page. Thanks

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