Saturday, June 22, 2024
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What is a “Green” Painter?

green painting
green painting
Green is more than a color!

There is a lot of talk in the industry lately about “going green” and what it really means. If I offer a customer the option of using a Low VOC paint does that mean I am a “Green” painting company? I think not! I believe it is more of ¬†an overall philosophy and mindset. A good example is Eco Painting of Toronto Canada, George Z has often commented on using Green practices over at Painttalk and he recently announced a new company introspective, “Walk the Talk” and I think he has it right! So does Paul over at Peck Drywall with his recycling efforts.

So are you a Green Painter?

3 thoughts on “What is a “Green” Painter?

  1. Hey, we wrote “green” articles on the same day. Great minds and all that. I definitely things there’s more to it — from using recycled paper on the products you do use to marketing & packaging (i.e., business cards, letterhead, shipping supplies) to having a website to cut down on paper marketing to using a hybrid for consults to the lightbulbs you use in the studio…there are many ways a company can reduce their imprint in addition to using eco-friendly products. It’s a great question.

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