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Google Helpouts

By on May 25, 2014 in Google Hangouts, Marketing with 6 Comments

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Visit any forum, blog or Social Media site and you will find a wealth of very experienced folks sharing their advice freely. These are great resources in many ways to get general information and advice. A lot of the ones I frequent tend to be peers sharing information, but there are a few places for homeowners to easily access a professional for specific questions without having to register, post a question and wait for an answer. Or heaven forbid, stumble upon a “professional only” forum and ask a question, often resulting in being directed elsewhere.

Many use a Google search to ask a particular question and these days, the results can be a bit overwhelming, and often contradictory. There is a new feature Google quietly rolled out last year that could be an option.

Google Helpouts

google helpouts

How can you use Google Helpouts? Social Media Examiner explains it very well here. As a painting contractor, you could use it to give free advice to homeowners, and target your area to start, build a reputation and possible leads. If you have another skill, you could offer that as well, and even charge for it! You need to ask for an invite here. You can check out how others are using it here.

JB over at Building Moxie, one of my favorite bloggers,  did something similar here.

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  1. I (Dynamic Painting Systems, on your picture above) was one of the original Helpouts. At first, I was getting as many requests for a session as I wanted to schedule. But when nobody was ever there for the appt. I added a one dollar charge. Since then nobody has asked, yet! But I have been meaning to work on it a bit. I have a little struggle with the video aspect of it. Maybe I can have someone who is more comfortable with that do an introductory video for me.

    • Chris Haught says:

      That’s great feedback, using new technology always has a learning curve. I’d be interested in following up on your efforts if you would care to share with our readers.

  2. Don says:

    Will this help with SEO since it’s Google?

    • I would think it gives our websites a lot of “juice” I haven’t used it for many Helpouts yet though. That too, it makes sense. would help. Google will talk to you on several occasions via video Helpout to verify your expertise though before they allow you to become a member of this community.

  3. it’s funny you bring up Helpouts Chris … I’ve had them on my list of things to investigate further, just haven’t made the time. thanks for the link over. and be great. ~jb

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