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Sherwin Williams Emerald

By on May 26, 2013 in Reader Reviews

Emerald Paint


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I was given the opportunity by my local Sherwin-Williams store to try Emerald for painting the exterior posts of a new home. I used the gloss white, and was very pleased with the results.\r\n\r\nThe paint was a perfect consistency, and went on very smooth over the primer. Since these posts were never painted before, I was concerned about coverage. However, the paint went on great and dried to a beautiful finish. I probably could have left it at one coat because it covered so well, but I went ahead and did a second coat anyway, since I always do.\r\n\r\nThe paint leveled out nicely, and had very few brush marks, and dried to a really nice sheen. It is very different from the duration line and some of the associated issues I have had. I recently painted an exterior with Duration gloss, and experienced clogging in the sprayer, poor coverage, and clumps and skin forming, which I did not experience at all with Emerald. I already spoke to my rep about switching to use only Emerald, as I was so pleased with the product. The builder and new homeowner also remarked on the beautiful finish.\r\n”
- Bob Meriam

Interior Emerald

I just finished a 1200sqft condo with Emerald. I am typically a Benjamin Moore guy, but the designer in this case wanted SW which was fine with me as I thought this would give me a chance to try Emerald. \r\n\r\nThe colour was White Raisin (yellow) eggshell over dark beige. Tough combo. \r\n\r\nEmerald did well. Did not blow me away in any way specific. \r\n\r\nFelt nice off the roller and brush on the first coat....feels almost like BM Super Spec (oh my!) on the second coat. That dry pull cutting in. \r\n\r\nCoverage was good, but at this time I have to bring up price....coverage was good, but for $53 CDN (on sale) a gallon?...can\\\'t help but feel slightly under whelmed with coverage on this colour. We left it at two coats, but a third could have been justified, by my eye...(not the customers)\r\n\r\nAn accent wall was Garden Sage (green) and of course it covered beautifully in two. \r\n\r\nSheen was nice. I\\\'m confused why SW plays with sheens. No eggshell...just satin??\r\n\r\nNice paint, but I think its impossible to talk about Emerald and not talk about price. \r\n\r\nIn the future I\\\'ll stick with my personal interior favourites. \r\n”
- Paul Willems

SW Emerald

Emerald is a fantastic paint. I tried it when SW first brought it out and promoted it for their contractors. I had a unique opportunity to test it in a room where each wall was a different colour and was in a different condition. 2 walls were dark and 2 were light. One wall had graffiti on it and another had a lot of damage and drywall repair. The paint went on exactly the same over each wall! The hide and coverage were beyond compare. Since SW first offered it at a special price , I stocked up with 25 cans. Some matte, some satin and some semigloss. I will admit that after my 25 cans were depleted, I didn\\\'t purchase any more because when it is not discounted it is too expensive. I just can\\\'t justify paying over $50 per gallon. If I could get this paint at $40 per gallon, it would be my go to brand for sure!”
- Sherri Stocks


Been using it on doors and trim and really like the coverage and hide, levels very nicely when sprayed.”
- Rob

SW Emerald Interior Semigloss

I\\\'ve only used a few gallons on one job and I was very disappointed with results. colors used were a match from Benjamin Moore. AF-45 Collector\\\'s Item and 2065-10 Admiral Blue.\r\n\r\nI\\\'ve never done more than 2 coats to achieve proper color representation and film thickness. It took 3 coats and I still wasn\\\'t very pleased with the results. I have used their New ProMar 200 Zero VOC with great results at a much lower price. I will never use SW Emerald again. \r\n\r\nIt\\\'s hard to believe Sherwin Williams doesn\\\'t have a premium paint to even compete with Regal Select. I haven\\\'t tried their exterior version but I don\\\'t think it\\\'ll be better than BM Moorgard/Regal Select. definitely nothing close to Benjamin Moore Aura like they claim.”
- Edgar Garcia

Emerald Interior Matte

I painted 2 rooms in my own house using Emerald on the walls, office and master bedroom. I did 2 coats of Luxurious Red over Luxurious Red and although it went on nice and looks good I just can\\\'t justify the price. If I thought it would save time and labor I could but it didn\\\'t and won\\\'t. I painted the rest of my walls using Cashmere and to me at half the price I\\\'ll stick with the Cashmere. I\\\'m still going to try Emerald on an exterior to see how it compares with Duration, the product we always use. ”
- Painting Services By Steve

Absolute Zero VOC

I painted a baby\\\'s bedroom with Emerald. The client was sold on what I called \\\"no smelly stuff\\\" in the paint that would harm the child. It covers well, and it cleans up so easily. The most frustrating part for painters, especially the DIY painters, is the prep and cleanup. Emerald is awesome.”
- Andrew

Emerald Exterior Paint

I would have given 5 stars but i wont know how Emerald holds up for a few years. The more we use it the more we like it! Brush, Roll, Spray so far its been a pleasure to work with. Yes the price needs to come down no paint is worth $60 dollars a gallon. With that being said give it a try we did and will be using it again and again. ”
- nick dunse/THINKPAINTING

Emerald Exterior Paing

Just finished painting my third house (cabin actually) with emerald and the results were fantastic. Used a 517 with a graco395 and sprayed the coating un-thinned over a primed and prepped exterior. The results were A+ and I used far less paint then I expected while putting on 2 fairly heavy coats. It turned out to be very economically feasible as I used much less Emerald versus regular exterior paints. Takes a little getting used to but once dialed in the results are 5 star.”
- Scott Smith-Indian Peaks Painting, Colorado

Emerald from SW

Emerald is very easy to clean, check out this video for details! ”
- Thomas Drake

Emerald Interior

I thought it was very good, but it didn\\\'t seem to get the square footage per gallon I expected”
- Jeffrey Whitmer, Sr.

Not happy

I bought this paint on the recommendation of the salesman at our local SW store. $62 a gallon being very pricey, I thought it would be a simpler easier project...not so! I was only covering a beige flat latex with Emerald matte in a blue color. After three coats I am still seeing color variations and spots. It is not the prep, there were no issues there, it is the paint. I would not recommend this paint at all.”
- J Corley


Emerald paint application was challenging. We are a family of painters by trade and have painted countless times. But the coverage of this paint is poor. We typically use Benjamin Moore (still our favourite paint company) but this time wanted some new colors based on the ones we have seen on the houze app. Cannot judge other types from this company, but I think we are going back to what we know works well. Completely over priced for what you get.”
- Joanne

Best Paint I've ever used

I find it funny reading all these results and wondering how a moron could give this paint a low rating. This paint is the best paint I've ever used. Coverage is great. Levels nicely. The finish is incredible. You can wash it, scrub it. Got everything done in one coat. Anyone who submitted a low rating is an idiot who clearly just can't paint and shouldn't paint.”
- DC Painting


I was disappointed in the paint as the coverage was poor. Painted over a white wall and can see uneven areas plus shadows after it dried so need to do another coat. Color was good and paint did not drip. The paint is expensive and should have better coverage.”
- Karen Altman

Peeling paint, poor coverage, smells bad

We have used Sherwin Williams Duration paint before so we are new to this Emerald series, which is supposed to be the best and most expensive. Extremely unhappy with the paint as the coverage is very bad(the light colored previous wall color shows through). Pain started peeling near the baseboards within few hours and the painters had to rip it open and redo it and its not low VOC and it reeks of strong smell, almost like ammonia. One extremely unhappy customer!”
- Chris
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