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5 Reasons to Join 5 Groups

5 reasons to join

Are you spinning your wheels?

Many of us are so busy working “in our business” that we put working “on our business” low on the priority list. Add to the list Social Media, Training Employees, Hiring , Paperwork and keeping up on the endless changes in RRP Rules, and it is a wonder how we get any painting done!

Knowing where to put your time, efforts and energy is key.

You can hire a professional to do your Social Media, hire a bookkeeper to keep your paperwork and billing current and use internet resources such as Blogging Painters to keep up on things.  Decide which tasks you are best suited for and direct your energy towards doing them well.

Focusing on local networking.

While sitting at your desk searching the internet can yield good information, you must become part of the local economy. Belonging to and being active in groups like BNI, Linkedin,  your local Homebuilders Association or Chamber of Commerce allows you to meet and get to know the other business owners and build a referral network.

Here is a recent article I wrote in The Paint Contractor with more on joining groups.

I hope you will find Blogging Painters a useful “group to join”. Let us know what you would like to gain from your time spent online!


7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Join 5 Groups

  1. It’s another way to network, and to become more educated. Then, actually meeting ‘online associates” I.R.L. (in real life) can also become worthwhile since personal interaction creates a different kind dialogue and opportunity.

    1. Thanks Barbara, you are so right! I have been lucky to meet several of my online friends! Hope to add you to that list one day!

  2. I’m just staring on my own and your blog motivated me much more…I’m a great painter n know how to get the job done just need experience on how to paperwork , n how to get more jobs n make a profit. Thanx

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