Saturday, May 18, 2024
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What’s in your toolbox?

Finger protectors?
storing your paint tools
Where we store our "stuff"!

Painters have “stuff”

As we are heading full force into the exterior season I am sure there are guys (like my husband Rob) who are digging thru toolboxes and finding tools in all sorts of buckets and places they don’t belong! Some guys have a pretty good system of organizing their tools, like Scott showed us here.  Having multiple vehicles, job sites and painters makes it harder to keep everyone equipped. I hate it when small hand tools get purchased because, “I couldn’t find my nail punch, it was only a couple of dollars”, especially when I know there are 6 on top of the washing machine! Arghh!

More “stuff”

When Rob and I were at the PDCA Expo earlier this year we saw several new tools and gadgets, we have yet to try any of them. Some look promising, some not so much! I thought I’d share some of the items to see what our readers think, I may even give some away to a random commenter


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So tell us, what is in your toolbox, leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “What’s in your toolbox?

  1. Chris,

    Any idea where I can buy some of the white plastic brush keepers you posted from your trip to the PDCA show?


  2. I have often considered inventing a case to hold Paint brushes so that they are all visible without having to rummage through stuff. If this were available, would you be interested in it? and how much would you be willing to spend on it?

  3. I love stuff! Just about anything I can get my hands on or given to us from reps is tried at least once in the field. some things make the “cut” and most don’t.

    1. Thanks! You should join our product review team and I’ll send you more “stuff”! Check out the section Product Reviews and follow the link to submit your info-

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