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Best Cities for Painters to Work and Live

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Whether you’re starting your own painting business or hoping to advance your career, there’s a time and place for everything. Now, you may have decided that 2022 could just be your year. You’ve been patient and gearing up; you’ve got an eye for color, admirable skills with a brush, and an entrepreneurial mentality. Only, there’s one itsy-bitsy problem: the market for the painting business in your area is less than ideal. So, where to, then? In order not to leave you searching for the next patch of land to find gold and ending up in an open field full of half-dug holes and no prize, we figured we should put together a list of the best cities for painters to work and live.

 Paint brushes next to a paint bucket.
You need to be clear where you’re going.

Best Cities for Painters to Work and Live

Sure, if there are three things in life one cannot avoid, those would be death, taxes, and home renovations. In nearly every corner of America, basic interior painting is needed in a home. However, where a painter lives and works can significantly impact their earning potential, job opportunities, and customer demand.

#1 San Francisco, CA

With a booming economy, independent businesses, incomparable food scene, iconic landmarks, trendsetting residents, salty sea air, and plenty of sunshine, the Bay Area has long marched to the beat of its own drum. Indeed, it leaves little to be desired in a metropolis – other than affordable housing. Seriously, the prices can be bafflingly, soul-crushingly high. Still, if you’re starting a painting business, confident about what you want, you may work up to it. The Golden City has one of the highest average salaries for painting contractors in the U.S. According to, a painter’s average base salary is $54,639 as of February 25, 2022, although it can go as high as $65,343.

#2 Salinas, CA

The Golden State keeps popping up. Only this time we’re heading towards The Salinas Valley. Or, as John Steinbeck liked to call it, “the valley of the world.” This mid-size town of open valleys, rolling hills, outstanding cuisine, and lively communities is easy to fall in love with. Also, it’s one of the regions with a higher cost of living, but this typically yields higher average wages. The average painter’s salary is $48,807, but it can be vary depending on your education, certifications, experience, and how successfully you market your painting business.

#3 New York City, NY

Next on our list of the best places for painting contractors to live and work? Yes, it’s New York, the city where dreams are made. Opportunity is, literally, all over the place – which may just be the reason for an influx of people moving here. Yes, everybody longs to grab a slice of the Big Apple, making it the most populous city in the U.S. In turn, this means lots of new construction, lots of new painter jobs, and customer demand. However, it also means more competition. So, getting a foothold might be challenging here. But you just need to find a way to stand out among other painting contractors, meaning your customer support and marketing strategy (among other things) needs to be on point.

The Brooklyn Bridge.
 In, NYC, you won’t have to worry about customer demand.

#4 Salt Lake City, UT

Sizzling real estate market, supercharged by low-interest rates, the strong pace of job growth, low unemployment rates, low state and local taxes – it’s clear why so many people are rushing to plant their roots and start their businesses in the Beehive state. And this includes painters eager to get in on the action by creating their business that works alongside property flippers. 

Buying a home here? Make sure to feel the pulse of the market before packing your bags and heading to Utah. And that’s especially if you’re moving here from a different state. And once you find a place to call home, make sure to contact a professional moving crew to come here stress-free and start focusing on getting your business off the ground. 

#5 Los Angeles, CA

The three things that the best cities for painters to work and live have? A good salary, excellent career prospects, and plenty of job opportunities. And, given the amount of industry, booming construction, world-class talent pool, and general entrepreneurial spirit in it, the City of Angels may be just the ticket that startup aspirants need. It’s one of the highest paying cities for painters in the U.S. But, at the same time, the land of sunshine and palm trees, swoon-worthy beaches, and hundreds of gorgeous neighborhoods, both existing and up-and-coming ones in need of one talented painter’s service.

Meta description: Are you wondering where to move as a painting contractor? We’ve conjured a list of best cities for painters to work and live.

8 thoughts on “Best Cities for Painters to Work and Live

  1. What a strange list. NY, SF, and LA are commonly known as garbage dumps and open sewers. The so-called high salaries/wages fail to match the very high cost of living in these poorly managed, high crime pig styes. In that the filth and crime of these three cities gathers narry a mention in this article, one ought to suspect a desire by the author or editor(s) to whitewash these negative aspects of these three cf the five listed cities.

  2. Thanks for supporting the idea of 360 degree feedback. I’ve seen it create division in senior teams when handled incorrectly and seen transformation happen when used elegantly. It’s all about the intention and skill of those who facilitate the process.

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  3. All these are great cities to start off in. Obviously you want to be where the demand is for the service! Could be costly to live in those big metro areas though. Maybe living outside the centre and providing services to them?

  4. Great list! Location, location, and location are the top three issues most businesses face. Knowing where is the best place to set up shop is a crucial first step. Thanks for the info!

  5. Thanks for the information and best blog. Painting services are needed by a large no of people and one can avail of services through many platforms.

  6. This is a great list! You get both aspects of livability and year round work. It’s often hard to find work throughout the entire year as it can be very seasonal. The biggest hurdle I’ve personally found is finding enough interior work to keep me busy in the winter months.

  7. Wouldn’t live in any of those citys.Evrr hurd of Nashville Tenn .you might want to look it up there are people from all those city’s moved here in the last 2 yrs just saying.

  8. The Economy is in the toilet, so these places mean nothing for now. Maybe if the economy was rolling I think it would be better. Plus all the illegals taking away our work, Apartments, food, water, gas etc

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