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How to create the perfect landing page for your painting business

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A landing page is used for advertising campaigns to get the users to take a specific action. It is not an entire website but a standalone web page. The reason why you want to go with a landing page is that it increases the focus of your clients on the most critical elements of the page. Let’s talk more about why a landing page is the best option for you and how to create the perfect landing page for your painting business.

Four clicks are two clicks too much!

Let’s take a look at how a landing page will help you stand out among other painting contractors. Most contractors are advertising through Facebook ads or using different social media platforms. Those ads lead potential clients to their website.

If a person browses Facebook ads, they need:

  • one click on the ad to get to a website home page;
  • then, browse through the website to find and click on the type of painting service they need;
  • after reading about the service and prices, they need to search for and click on the contact page;
  • and finally, the fourth click is required to send a request via the contact form;

Even though that does not sound like much, four clicks are too much for someone to reach out to you. People are lazy when it comes to the internet, and that’s it.

A landing page will reduce the number of clicks to only two, which is terrific. The first click will take the user to the landing page, and the second click will help them contact you. That’s how you increase the conversion rate!

What is the main difference between a homepage and a landing page?

Surprisingly or not, it’s not uncommon that people fail to grasp the difference between a homepage and a landing page. And, although frequently used as interchangeable terms, the two, actually, serve different purposes.

If we take a look at the example from the previous paragraph, we can say that a landing page is specifically designed to increase the conversion rate for your business. And, while a homepage provides general information about the services you offer, a landing page has one goal – to make the user take action! It removes all the distractions and helps visitors focus on the page’s most important elements.

A conversion growth chart
A landing page should help you to scale your business and get more clients for the entire year.

How to create the perfect landing page for your painting business?

Now that we understand what a landing page is and is not, let’s look at how to create one. The goal is to keep it simple; just like we said, no distractions, just the core elements.

Another thing to understand is that there are different types of landing pages:

  • Lead generation: a lead generation landing page converts a visitor into a lead for your painting business. It collects information from the visitor, like a name, company name, email, phone number, visitor’s job, social media profiles, and so on;
  • Click-through: a click-through landing page is mainly used for discounts, promotions, or short-term offers. The focus is on the “act now!” principle. Get the user to purchase the offer before it expires;
  • Explainer: an explainer landing page focuses on educating the user about a product or a service. It usually comes in the form of an infomercial, and it has a heavy amount of content. The ultimate goal is to present all the product’s benefits to the user. Explainer landing pages are more for convincing the user that this service is the right pick for them;
  • Product detail: the most common type used in retail is the product detail landing page. It is similar to the explainer landing page, but it is more compact and focuses heavily on a specific product.
 color palette and a paintbrush.
You could use an explainer landing page to educate your clients about the use of colors.

What elements should be on a landing page?

This will heavily depend on the type of landing page. For the painting business, you should focus on a couple of things.

First, stick to a single CTA button. That should be the star of your landing page. Second, the ad’s message needs to match the message of the landing page. Do not use click baits to get the users to click on the ad, only to get something else. Furthermore, your landing page should focus on the value of the service. Present your strengths, and maybe add a video to showcase your work. Remember to keep it short and focused. Another good idea is to add social proof to your landing page.

Finally, every landing page should have the name of your business, logo, your name, and contact information. You can also add a short paragraph that describes your business and the history behind it.

A good landing page will secure clients for the whole year.

Offer value to the clients

The perfect landing page for your painting business should offer value to your clients. Focus on presenting your business in the best way, and you will see an increase in the conversion rate. Best of luck!

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