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Biggest Paint Color Trends for 2023

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Well, 2023 is finally here, bringing some exciting changes in the world of home design. More specifically, we are talking about new paint color trends. Too often, this feature tends to get overlooked, yet it brings so much to the overall look of your home. A good paint job can bring out all your home’s best features and make everything pop a bit more. But it could all look like a big mess if you don’t choose your colors carefully or hire good contractors. That’s why being knowledgeable about the new trends in the home design world is essential. Those trends change yearly, so you need to do some research to keep up. Also, painting contractors need to know about the newest trends and execute them properly, which is crucial for their business. Luckily we decided to share what the biggest paint colors trends for 2023 are and help you out a little.

Make it Monochrome

You might have noticed that a monochrome look has taken the fashion world by storm in 2021/2022.
Well, the same thing is happening in the world of home design in 2023. Yes, one of the biggest paint
color trends for 2023 is an entirely monochromatic look. This means using one color for the walls in your
room, but that’s not all. You also include doors, door frames, cabinets, or shelves in that color. When
you do a monochromatic look on your walls, you leave a lot of space for layering various tones of that
color through your furniture. But you can also go in a different direction and a bold pop of a different
color in some details. This is why a monochrome look is so good, as you can be creative and experiment
with different eye-catching details. It’s a great background and a great statement piece in itself.

A home with green walls
Green makes your home look calmer and gives it an outdoor vibe

Add a little nature

The next trend is bringing an outdoor feeling inside your home. In 2023 the world of paint color will be
taken over with various shades of green. Green is an excellent color for many reasons. It is not just
aesthetically pleasing; it has also been said to have a nice calming effect on people. We live in a time
where our days are often filled with stressful situations, so it’s no wonder in 2023, people want to make
their homes feel like a calming oasis. That’s why green is popular. Green walls help give a room a
calming outdoor feel, especially a darker shade of green. Darker shades are ideally suited for bedrooms
as they also feel more intimate. Lighter shades are a better fit for living rooms or kitchens as they are
warmer and more open. This wall color goes great with gold details.

Red painted wooden surface
Red is a color that makes a home look bold and modern

One of the biggest paint color trends for 2023- All the shades of red

Well, it seems like 2023 is promising to be very bold if we are judging by the paint color trends because
it’s all about red. In the upcoming year, one of the rules for home design will be to make a statement
through your walls using different shades of red. Obviously, for those who want that instant reaction
when someone walks into their home, a bright flaming red is the way to go. Red walls add a touch of
drama and emotion to your home and make it feel more modern. Just don’t go overboard if you do
bright red walls; take it a little more subtle on the rest of the room. If, however, you want to add some
red to your home but don’t think you are a “bright flaming red person,” then you can opt for some
lighter, more subtle shades.

Add some freshness with peach

The final paint color trend on our list is warm and yet still exciting, peach. Yes, don’t be surprised if you
see a lot of this color in the next year. Peach is perfect because it is not too bold, but it still adds
incredible freshness and liveliness to a room. It brings that summery feeling we all love. This color is
perfect for kitchens as it gives them a more open feeling and makes them seem a little like a tropical bar
and not a plain old kitchen. However, the key with this color is to do it right. You need to be really
careful when you are doing this color because when an amateur does it, this color can often end up
looking a bit boring and like it’s fading already. You will know someone is a quality painter if they can
pull off this color and make it look good and shiny. Also, when a client sees a painter has put in a lot of

effort, it creates a good relationship between them and might even recommend them. A good
relationship with clients
goes a long way.

Person holding a paint roller
Every pro painter should learn about these paint color trends for 2023

These are the biggest paint color trends for 2023 and as you can see there is something for everyone.
From calming green tones to bold bright red, you can pick whatever suits your personality and tastes
best. And every quality pro painter should be expecting to do a lot of these colors from the list this year,
so they better be prepared.

Lindsey Peterson is a freelance writer from Miami. After writing for for a long time and giving tips about packing and moving, she
has finally turned to her one true passion. Today she focuses her attention on raising
her two kids and writing about all the hottest new trends and tips about home design.

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  1. I’m so sick of “Flipper Gray” and beiges. Time to bring back some color! I got so sick of painting walls that I had to move onto doing more mural work and metallic epoxy concrete floors.

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