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How to build an online portfolio for your business

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If you are starting a career in painting, you need to think about the best way to market yourself. Everyone advertises online, and you need to be there if you want a piece of that cake. However, with many competitors in the business, you need a way to stand out in the crowd. Understanding how to build an online portfolio for your business is the first step!

Explain why you are in the business

When you start building your portfolio website, everyone needs to know why you are in the business. There are many young people in the painting industry, so your story needs to be different. Your words need to speak of a passion for the job you do.

The opening page needs to deliver that feeling to your readers.

How to tell your story?

With proper guidance, you will be able to tell your story in the right way and attract new clients. All you need is a structured plan:

  • display examples of your previous work;
  • build an exciting photo gallery;
  • add info about any companies you worked with;
  • include any correspondence or recommendations from previous clients;
  • find a way to demonstrate your skills;
  • work on the SEO;

Let’s see why these elements are so essential.

Display examples of your previous work

If you are just starting in the painting business, it is good to do some private work for your friends or family. Take photos of finished projects, and add them to your photo gallery.

This way, your clients will see that you are not a rookie.

Building a photo gallery

Besides adding a collection of previously completed projects, you also want to add photos of you painting. Ask a friend to take pictures while you work.

Find someone who knows how to work with photos. They must look professional and have perfect lighting.

What were your previous job experiences?

If you worked for a painting company and are now going solo, you want to add that to your online portfolio. It will add to your experience, and you won’t look like a beginner but a seasonal professional building a solo career.

Build a testimonials page

One of the best things to add to your online portfolio is a testimonials page. If you have any reviews, recommendations, or correspondence from previous clients, your future customers need to know. It will help them choose you based on how satisfied the previous clients were.

Demonstrate your skills online

If you wish to market your painting business online, you need to find a way to show your skills. YouTube exists, and it is free! Create a video page where you can add videos of yourself painting. Show different techniques, styles, and different types of projects.

Furthermore, you can start a painting blog. People like free stuff. Not only will they learn more about painting, but they will also see how much you know.

The importance of SEO

After the front end of your online portfolio is done, you also need to take care of the backend and SEO. Creating an online portfolio does not mean much if your future clients cannot find you. The easiest way to do this is to use a CMS platform with built-in SEO features. WP is a good choice because it offers an abundance of features. Furthermore, it has user-friendly navigation. It requires no code, and you can virtually set up a website in under 10 minutes.

If you wish a little extra, you can purchase a premium theme for online portfolios. You can change virtually any element, color, and layout to make everything even better.

Build an online portfolio for your business and attract more clients!

As you can see, to build an online portfolio for your business, you need to invest some money and a bit of effort. Take your time and do it right because your business depends on it. Do not try to rush the process. We wish you all the luck!

Nick Ferry is an SEO expert and a professional career consultant specializing in startups. He built a career out of helping young professionals grow their businesses.

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