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How to Handle Difficult Customers in the
Painting Business

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No matter what business you run, you’ll eventually encounter demanding customers you have to deal with. Unfortunately, these people aren’t only infuriating but can potentially hurt your business’s reputation if not handled correctly. As such, every professional painting business needs to be prepared for these customers to stay successful. However, we should note that there’s no easy way to deal with difficult customers. Of course, you’ll have to deal with every customer differently, because people are different. However, a basic set of rules can help you out quite a bit in the long run. So, to help out, we’ve put together a guide on how to handle difficult customers in the painting business.

Stay professional no matter what

The most common difficult customers are people who start arguments and make demands. When dealing with these sorts of people, always stay as professional as possible during the conversation. Listen to everything they say, avoid calling them by name, and be clear and concise with your responses. Doing this gives the customer minimal opportunities to start an argument and cause a scene. Remember, when dealing with a customer like this, avoiding a fight is your top priority when dealing with a customer like this. The fewer opportunities they have, the better for you and your businesses. And if they make any demands, such as discounts, first ask them why they’re making them, then give reasons why it’s not possible. And when it comes to attracting customers in the first place, consider how to improve your portfolio. The better your portfolio, the better customers you can attract to your business.

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Always stay as calm and professional as possible.

Don’t overreact or acknowledge insults or sarcasm

Difficult customers like to get under your skin, and showing them that they’re succeeding is wrong. When speaking, customers who argue with you will often be sarcastic or outright insulting. If you acknowledge these insults or sarcastic remarks, they will double down and do it more. Since avoiding arguments should be your top priority, you should do your best to ignore insults and sarcasm. Remember, if you overreact, they can use this to undermine your reputation and cause problems for your business. Instead, stay calm and focus on whatever issues they bring up to you. If you remain calm and take the time to explain everything correctly, the customer won’t have any reason to argue. And when it comes to doing work, remember your list of must-have tools for professional painters. Dealing with difficult customers continues when working, so ensure you’re properly prepared.

Know all of the facts and disagree when you know you’re right

You’ll also run into customers who think they know everything and act superior. In these cases, you need to make sure you know all of the facts yourself. Listen to what they’re saying and agree where possible, but ask your questions. Disagree with them when you know for sure that you’re right and they’re wrong. And, of course, stay as friendly and professional as possible during the conversation. Never interrupt one of these customers when they’re talking, and avoid insulting them. If you show them civilly that you know more about the businesses than they do, you can get them to step back and stop arguing. Experts from A2B Moving and Storage note that these customers are the most difficult to deal with, and you will need to be extremely patient with them.

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Make sure you know all the facts when talking to a difficult customer in the painting business.

Be patient with unresponsive customers who don’t reveal their ideas

Some customers might be unresponsive and not reveal their ideas, which can be problematic in the painting business. After all, you need to know what the customers want to get done. When it comes to difficult customers in the painting business, they’re not the worst, but they can be complicated to deal with. So, try to ask open-ended questions whenever possible. That will force the customer to reveal what they want without being aggressive. Additionally, learn when to be silent and wait for them to speak. Also, it helps to know how to help customers choose colors in these situations.

How to handle difficult customers in the painting business – closing thoughts

Dealing with difficult customers is complicated no matter what kind of business you run. And, eventually, it’s guaranteed that you’ll run into them. Knowing how to deal with these customers correctly and without causing a scene is essential. All in all, remember to stay as professional as possible. We hope this guide on how to handle difficult customers in the painting business helps you out, and we wish you a great rest of your day.

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