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How to Make Your Painting Business More Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly paint.

There are many reasons why you should want to make your businesses more eco-friendly and protect the environment. However, we won’t bore you with those! Instead, let’s cover exactly how to make your painting business more eco-friendly in the first place.

Start with the selection of your paint

Choosing the right paint is crucial to making your painting business more eco-friendly. Paint can contain chemicals incredibly harmful to the environment, such as lead, cadmium, trichloroethylene, and a host of heavy metals. Some of these paints can even harm the inhabitants of the home you’re working in under certain conditions. As such, simply picking out paint that is harmless to the environment already makes your business a lot more eco-friendly than most of your competition. To add to this, you should also select long-lasting paint that won’t require a fresh layer after just a couple of months to look nice. Even if it seems a bit pricier upfront, you can properly communicate to your customers that it’s an overall cheaper choice. This kind of help should also help you forge closer ties with your customer base!

Dispose of all the waste generated by your work responsibly

Only a few different types of ‘waste’ are generated when working as a painter. Empty paint cans, adhesive tape meant to protect corners and other areas paint shouldn’t touch, and maybe a few other containers and covers used to protect or carry your supplies. However, if you truly want to make your painting business more eco-friendly, you can’t be careless when disposing of it, even if there’s little waste! For example, some paint cans need to air out before you throw them away properly. Otherwise, harmful gases can cause all sorts of environmental trouble. At the same time, you should try to recycle whatever you can! Even if much of the packaging is probably marked as non-recyclable, do your due diligence for the packaging! 

Old paint cans.

Don’t let your garbage just accumulate!

Try to reuse whatever material you can

If you have a standard set of colors you offer, you have no excuse not to reuse whatever you have left after a job. As the packing experts from point out, leftover supplies can always be reused or repurposed. Of course, many painting businesses mix paint on a case-by-case basis to suit their customers’ demands. This would naturally preclude them from being able to reuse old paint. However, there is still a solution: you can donate this leftover paint! You don’t need to worry about people turning your donation away since many institutions need painting supplies. For example, schools are always looking for more supplies, even just to use them for events or art classes.

Old paint.

Make use of old paint to make your painting business more eco-friendly!

Carefully plan out your resupplying

A huge source of waste comes from two different sources: expired supplies and inefficient packaging. Just think about those paint cans that are at least a quarter empty! The first step to avoiding such packaging waste is carefully selecting your suppliers. And the second is to buy larger packs since they are more efficiently designed by necessity. As for the problem of expired supplies, this simply requires you to be smart with your purchases. If you want to run a successful painting business, you need to master this anyway. You can hardly afford to waste your money or supplies that eventually go bad without ever seeing use. It would help you and the environment if you took extra care when planning your acquisitions.

Be eco-friendly in the way you run your business at every step

The final way to make your painting business more eco-friendly is to carefully examine every aspect of how you run it. For example, do you use consumable samples to let your customers pick colors, or do you have cards or reusable stickers to do it instead? Do you try to control the amount of power your office and other company facilities use? Can you maybe be more efficient in using fuel for your company vehicles? Is your equipment durable and long-lasting, or does it require frequent replacement? If you can master such details of running a business, you’ll better protect the environment, improve your finances, and even secure a ton of potent marketing material to promote your business! After all, ecologically-minded businesses are prevalent nowadays!

Equipment you kept in order to make your painting business more eco-friendly.

Of course, know when to throw away old items, too!

For a more eco-friendly workplace

If you take our advice on how to make your painting business more eco-friendly to heart, you’ll be able to improve your operations and win over the support of your customers! With how important protecting our environment is becoming, it is even likely that businesses that refuse to follow suit will soon face sanctions. So, get ahead of the curve and secure your place in the industry!

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