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Matching Bathroom Colors with the Décor

As an important room in your home, where you spend many intimate moments, your bathroom should be designed in such a way that it is both unquestionably functional but also relaxing and meditative. The latter can be achieved by matching choice of fabrics and fixtures, but more importantly, by using coordinating and complementing colors. These are some of ideas you can implement in your own bathroom with ease.

What Color scheme to Use?

image 2There is nothing as simple as matching and coordination bathroom décor colors. First thing, you shouldn’t choose more than three color for the walls, floor and curtains. You can use the proven and tested 60-30-10 rule. That means 60% of base color, 30% of secondary color and 10% of accent color. At his point you should be clear that what matches for you needn’t match for other people. The color is in the eye of beholder, but it is you who are designing the bathroom, so listen to your aesthetic self.

Coordinating Bathroom Colors

When the flooring, wall paint and drapes color scheme is set, get on to it. Get the tiles laid, paint the walls yourself and snoop around for matching drapes. When everything is done, you may want to take a break and look at your color coordination for a few days. If nothing stands out, and no element is lost in the combination, you got the right thing. You should check your combination at different times of the day, with different natural light settings. This is the part when you decide if anything need to be corrected, removed or added.

Accenting with Décor Elements

image 3The remaining décor elements like shower curtains, towels, bath mats, soap dishes waste baskets, drinking glasses and even fixtures can be selected so that they complement your color scheme, accenting the basic and secondary colors. Be sure to match towel bars and faucets and knobs. Some faucets like this Hansa model with its active LED lights provide more opportunities for color coordination. Alternatively, you can find many bathroom décor element in department stores.

Shower Curtains

As it is central for your bathroom, the shower needs to be taken more seriously than anything else. It is not wrong to say that it actually dictates the style of the entire bathroom. If you don’t have a period shower with a long stem and big shower head, you can make the whole affair more interesting by choosing an intricate shower curtain. Again, it should resonate with the color scheme you have established.


image 4Now this might seem a little odd, as it’s hardly to take towels seriously as a part of décor, but they are definitely hanging out there, and it helps to pick ones that will accent your colors scheme. If you opted for a plain bathroom, you some vivid color towels. You can play by combining a neutral hand towel over a bright bath towel. If you are not completely sure what to do, hold on to thick spa-style white towels, which go hand in hand with every option, and are easy to wash.

Additional decorative accessories like soap dispensers or dishes, bath mats can further direct your color scheme towards a more rustic or luxury style. Whichever color scheme you opt for, remember that you always start from wall paint, tiling and window covers.


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