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PDCA EXPO ’13 – Presenters?

PDCA Expo in St. Louis

PDCA Expo in St. LouisDo you attend Professional Development?

Have you ever attended a PDCA Expo? I attended my first one last year in Las Vegas, and it was a great experience. The level of expertise and professionalism of the Painting Contractors I met was incredible. I especially enjoyed joining the Professional Women in Painting Forum, and still network with many of the people I met.

Besides the networking, I was able to sit in on some very interesting sessions and listened to some of the best people in our industry share their expertise. The Trade show was a great place to see the latest advances in painting tools and decorative finishes. If you are able to attend, it is a real networking opportunity.

What do you have to offer the industry?

Many of the presenters were business owners, there were also experts from the Marketing and SEO industries, among others. Do you have something to offer? I know many of our readers have a lot to offer the industry, and we are fortunate here at Blogging Painters to have some of them posting and sharing their knowledge. I firmly believe that Painting Contractors working together is the best way to “raise the bar” in the industry.

PDCA is looking for presenters for the PDCA Expo 2013 to be held in St. Louis. If you think you could present, or know someone that could, please check out the PDCA call for presenters here.


6 thoughts on “PDCA EXPO ’13 – Presenters?

  1. Really looking forward to this years expo. I am unfortunate that we don’t really have an active chapter where I live, and I really cherish learning from other successful contractors in the business.

    We hope to see many BP’ers at the expo this year.

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