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Pro Blocker Ninja Protective Eyeware

protective eyewear


protective eyewearKendall Kikuyama is the President of Aloha Painting Company, Inc., of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Mr Kikuyama stated Aloha Painting in 1976 and is a long-time observer of the problems of providing eye protection while spray painting.  As the owner of a commercial painting company, he is sensitive to the industry issues of health and safety, as well as the concerns of his employees.  Mr. Kikuyama has spent the last several years developing his own proprietary design of overspray eyewear specifically for the professional spray painter. Source

Problocker was kind enough to send out a few samples to our Blogging Painters Product Review Team. Watch for their thoughts here on this new product!

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Ninja Glasses

I had one of my lead painters use the sample Ninja Protective Eyewear. Overall he was pleased with the product.\r\n\r\nThe job he used the glassses for was a 1100 sq ft, 9\\\' tall, basement ceiling. We used Sherwin Williams CHB product and a Graco x-9 Sprayer. Jake felt the glasses took time to get used to as any new item would. He mentioned he found himself turning his head in different motions as he swept across the ceiling. They did keep the spray out of his eyes and he completed the two coats with no issues of paint in his eyes. His concerns were ones that will be almost impossible to correct. We know the product is intended to be a disposable item. That being said the quality of the strap is low and they needed adjusting more often than he would have liked. This is a double edged sword. To keep the price point reasonable to keep them disposable creates an issue of being forced to use a lower grade strap. The concern is on larger jobs the strap may become an issue as it stretches out and the glasses could become non functional.\r\n\r\nOverall on the job he used them for he was satisfied. He is not certain he would buy them consistently in the future however.\r\n
- Jerry Fancher

Nuisance / Greatness: Ninja Goggles

Before I used the Ninja goggles I thought they would be a nuisance. After using them twice, I would not spray anything interior or exterior without the Ninja goggles.
- Tony Kokata-Tabar Jade Painting Inc


Any tool that helps protect my eyes or my crews eyes I\\\'m all for. We tried these and liked them. Takes a little getting used to but they do there job.\r\n
- Nick Dunse

These things are Awesome!!!

We were the spraying dryfall on the ceiling of one of the stores in the mall. I asked my lead painter to try the Pro Blocker Ninja Protective Eyeware we received. He reported \\\"these things are AWESOME!!\\\". He indicated that he was able to see the entire time and that and that the goggles kept 75%-80% of the paint out of his eyes. He definitely wants another pair.
- Fresh Coat Painters

Bucket Buddy

The thought is good , however as a pro I just could not find it useful. Maybe for the Home owner is would work. Just not for me \r\nThanks for allowing me to try it. I would send it out to someone else to try it wanted\r\nHarold in New Jersey
- Harold Stone

Maybe for a DIYer

After taking one look at the Bucket Buddy I knew it wasn\\\'t a tool I\\\'d likely use, but I gave it a fair chance anyway. The premise is good but as I professional painter the problems this tool is meant to address have already been solved. \r\nProfessional paint pants have numerous pockets for carrying tools, and through experience painters know how to safely carry a cut bucket and dip without making a mess.\r\n\r\nWearing the Bucket Buddy hindered my speed because I was constantly concerned about hitting into freshly painted door jams and walls. \r\n\r\nWhile not a professional tool I can see it being very useful to a inexperienced DIY\\\'er.
- Ryan Briggs

2 thoughts on “Pro Blocker Ninja Protective Eyeware

  1. First things first, I would like to personally thank Blogging Painters, Chris Haught, Jerry Fancher, Nick Dunse, and Tony Kokata for your willingness to test the NINJA spray goggles and provide Problocker, Inc., with quality reviews.

    I live by the motto “There is no US without YOU.” Without professional painters, the online painting community, customers, and friends we simply would not exist.

    I truly value everyone’s input as we are striving to make the best possible product on the market for the professional painting industry! Like you we are tired of having toxins / chemical irritate our eyes. Your comments are helping us continue to enhance our product, meet YOUR needs, and truly create a product that is for the sprayman – made by the sprayman.

    With that said, I wanted to personal let Jerry Fancher know that we have addressed the strap issue that he and others encountered. Not only have we addressed it, we have found a possible solution within rising the cost of the product.


    Trevor Drinen |

    1. Trevor, thank you for providing our readers with your product to try out, I know they will continue to give you honest feedback and suggestions. Glad to hear it is already helping, and thanks to our product review team! I love our community!

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