Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Erecta Rack

Do you use an Erecta Rack? Fill out the review form and tell us what you think! See more on Dean’s thoughts here! An interview with the owner. You can find out more on them here, and what they have to say in the UK about Erecta Rack!    

And the Winners are……..

It has been several weeks since my “blogging buddy”  Scott Burt of Topcoat Review announced the “Shootout”, a blogging contest for painters.  I followed the contest, entered it myself, and made a few discoveries while perusing the entries. There is a lot of talent out there! That planted the seed for The Blogging Painters. The […]

Drying Rack Options

Drying Rack Systems When a paint contractor is working on a finishing project in the shop, whether trim pieces, windows, cabinet doors, shelves, or anything else, a big part of getting the job done efficiently is the racking system you use for all the parts. Like most contractors, shop space is at a premium and […]