Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Lead Poisoning Moved To 5μg/dL

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today, agreed with the Advisory Committee for Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (ACCLPP) to move the line for the lead poisoning of children from 10μg/dL to 5μg/dL.  μg/dL stands for micro-grams per deciliter, which is a measurement used for blood levels. The CDC also agreed that the term “level of concern” […]

Taking Your Work Home With You

I’m in the middle of a Elevated Blood Lead Investigation.  This is where I try and find the source or sources that caused the lead poisoning of a child.  One suspect is a painter who transferred lead dust from his clothes to the family car and then that dust was transferred to his wife’s clothing and […]

Lead Hazards, Legal But Liable

While not a topic everyone wants to hear, it is an important subject if you have concerns with risk management.  Each month, 100,000 to 200,000 people are learning about the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule.  This is primarily from Lead Safe Certified Firms giving estimates and explaining the dangers of lead based paint. Unfortunately, with […]

Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Like all construction workers, painters can be a hard nose tough group of people.  In fact, many times we wear the description as a badge of honor.  Sometimes, there is nothing worse than talking with a “suit” (white collar worker) and listening to him explain how he wants the painting to be done.  Painters are […]

Size Matters!

A little play on words, but it got your attention. Like many things in life, size matters.  However, when it comes to lead based paint (LBP) hazards … a smaller size is more impressive and more damaging. To illustrate this point, take a 1/16 ounce small lead fishing weight.  Pop it in your mouth and […]

Lead Based Paint, where it’s found.

  Many people wrongly assume that if a home was painted with lead based paint (LBP), it can be found throughout the house.  Surprisingly, this is a wrong assumption.  LBP was considered a premium paint that came with a higher cost.  It was used on surfaces that needed the durability that can be found by […]