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Guide to preparing your office for interior painters

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Running a business isn’t only about providing impeccable service. It’s about leaving a good impression as well, mainly because the service isn’t the first thing your clients see – it’s the state of your office. And plain or dirty walls don’t do much for first impressions. So, you might want to add some color to your business every once in a while. However, making your office more alluring is more than just slapping a fresh coat of paint and calling it a day. This, too, requires some setup to minimize downtime and ensure desired results. With that said, here’s all you need to know about preparing your office for interior painters.

Remove decorations

Wall decorations are an excellent addition to your office space. But, for your painters – they are a distraction and an obstacle. So, the best thing you can do is to bag and tag all of them and move them out of the way. This way, your diplomas, certificates, or precious artwork will remain safe. At the same time, you will make it easier for interior painters to do their job. But, most importantly, this will allow for efficient handling of the following two steps. 

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You can help the paint job go faster by removing decorations from walls

Repair any existing damage

Many people think painting over damaged areas is an excellent way to hide them. And, yes, it will hide them. However, this is a temporary solution, at best. After all, no matter how much paint you pour on it – the core problem remains, and it will only get worse. Therefore, it’s imperative to address the issue and avoid having to repaint in a few months. 

Clean the walls

Cleaning the walls is an essential part of preparing your office for interior painters. Painting over dirty walls can lead to a whole plethora of problems, such as:

  • Paint not adhering properly, which will lead to peeling;
  • Uneven paint coverage or streaks;
  • Some types of paints don’t work at all on greasy or oily surfaces;
  • Dark stains bleeding through lighter-colored paints.

In other words, painting over dirty walls renders the whole undertaking a waste of money and time

Remove office furniture and equipment

This is, arguably, the most challenging part of preparation. If you’ve moved your office recently, you know what we’re talking about. Preparing your office for interior painters is a lot like moving. You need to dismantle furniture and equipment, pack everything, and move it to a secure location. Therefore, it’s imperative to find an efficient way to do this. The best way to move everything from your office is to hire professional movers. With years of experience and training, they’re the best choice when it comes to handling your belongings.

Protect what you can’t remove

Sometimes, moving everything out of the office isn’t an option. So, you’ll need another way to protect your belongings. Fortunately, in this case, the simplest solution is the most effective one:

  1. Move everything to the middle of the room;
  2. Cover it with plastic sheets;
  3. Secure sheets in place with painters tape;
  4. Instruct your painters on how to act around said items.
A smiling woman holding bubble wrap
Protect the furniture you can’t remove from your office

Set up a staging area for your painters

Even if it doesn’t look like it, painting requires a lot of supplies and equipment. So, painters will need a safe space to store everything while they work. It’s best if this area is far from your office items but within their reach. This is important for two reasons:

  • It will make the job faster and, thus, cheaper;
  • If anything spills, your stuff will remain safe.
A man spray-painting a wall
Your painters need space to provide the best service

Clean before the painters come

Once everything is out of the way, it’s advisable to vacuum and mop the office. During the work, there will be a lot of foot traffic. This can kick off dust that can settle on the walls and make the paint job obsolete. 

Contact your painting company before you start preparing

Preparing your office for interior painters takes a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, professional painters won’t let you do everything on your own. So, before you dive into the work, contact your painting company. See if they include any of the mentioned services. Or if they can help you choose the right colors or methods to get the job done faster. Because, in most cases – they will.

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