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How to gain the trust of your clients as a painting contractor

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We know that running your own business is not easy! Doubly so if you are not yet well known or are starting out. You need to keep an eye on your finances while still trying to get your name out there. Yet, there is one more thing to keep in mind: your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of your clients. If you start your career with a solid reputation, you will find success even if it takes you some time to truly build up your business! The opposite is true as well, and if you are not careful and allow your reputation to suffer, you will hardly find much success. Then, the question is: how to gain the trust of your clients as a painting contractor? Well, our guide is here to help!

Advertise your business the right way

We suggest the following: Make a website, submit citations, and rely on word of mouth. Here is why:

  • Website: It would be foolish not to have a strong online presence! You can have a reviews page for your previous customers to share their experiences, too!
  • Citations: Citations are online mentions of your company, with all its info. They will help everyone who visits local directories know precisely where and how to find you.
  • Word of mouth: You want your previous customers to recommend you to their friends, family, and acquaintances. This will offer you the pool of customers you need to get you off the ground.

Manage your workload carefully

Never take on more work than you can handle. You will only be losing customers when you have to either do a hurried and shoddy job or miss appointments. Nothing can discourage people from hiring you again like endless delays and poorly done work.

Explain what you are planning to do

Communication with your customers is critical. Explain everything you need to do. It will make your customers feel like they are a part of the process, let them know what they are paying for, and help them understand all the hard work you are putting in. Additionally, if your customer is looking to touch up their home before selling, you might want to offer advice on the painting aspect of staging a home for sale. Selling a home is complex, and staging tips are always welcome. Of course, you will have to look into the subject so you can offer quality advice.

Warn customers of potential issues ahead of time

If you can tell you will be having trouble, be sure to inform your customer. You do not want to suddenly spring it on them, or try to cover it up. You will either make them feel angry or disappointed. 

Keep your customers appraised and involved

Even when you have explained what you will be doing, how you will be doing it, and potential issues, keep your customers a part of the process! Your customer will feel on top of things, preventing conflicts. Also, always work to improve your customer service.

Make sure you know what your customers want

Do not rush through the preparatory phase of the work. Make sure you understand exactly how your customer wants their home painted. Knowing that will also help you decide on a fair price, making it twice as important.

Trying hard to get the right color because you've read the tips on how to gain the trust of your clients as a painting contractor!
Getting just the right color your customer wants can be challenging but rewarding!

Deal with conflicts calmly and quickly

Losing your temper when a customer is angry can quickly worsen the conflict, and you could be dismissed and not paid for your work. You would have to count on your contract to receive remuneration in court, which could get ugly and lead to a bad reputation. Instead, let your customer get it all out and never show your anger. Doing so will take some of the wind out of their sails, and you will peacefully resolve the issue.

A client lashing out
Clients can often lash out due to anxiety or personal issues and will even feel apologetic when the outburst is over.

Always clean up after yourself

This is a mark of a good painting contractor. You might think your job starts and ends with the painting. However, cleaning is a part of it too! Leftover paint, potential splatters, painter’s tape left behind, and paint marks on light switches or outlets can quickly ruin the impression you have made, even if the paint job is immaculate. 

Dirty brushes
Learning how to clean up is an integral part of how to gain the trust of your clients as a painting contractor!

Final Word

 We hope our guide on how to gain the trust of your clients as a painting contractor has been helpful! There is one line to sum everything up: Do not rush and communicate with your customers. Money can be earned much more quickly than reputation! If you have a good reputation, success will come with time. 

Trevor Lawson is an experienced freelance blogger who enjoys writing for various businesses. He likes to write pieces meant to help people, particularly small and new startups.

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