Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Denver Historic Home Restoration

History is abundant in the Denver area. That’s why we take pride in giving older homes a “rejuvenated life.” Whether it’s ensuring an existing building is secure or adding up-to-date amenities, we appreciate the style and architectural needs with the ability to complete the project. Dowd Restoration brings back the value, splendor and integrity in […]

Darren Slaughter

Darren Slaughter is a great help to contractors of all types, his frequent and timely videos are always an inspiration! Her he is answering one of my questions, contact him if have a question!

And the Winners are……..

It has been several weeks since my “blogging buddy”  Scott Burt of Topcoat Review announced the “Shootout”, a blogging contest for painters.  I followed the contest, entered it myself, and made a few discoveries while perusing the entries. There is a lot of talent out there! That planted the seed for The Blogging Painters. The […]

Blogging for Paint Contractors

For at least a couple of years, I was a skeptical spectator of social media and blogging. I thought these types of media were just bells and whistles, free attempts by contractors to avoid traditional methods of marketing their businesses. Then, last November, that changed for me. I decided that I needed an effective way […]