Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Content Continued…

The Original Content Conundrum Those of you that are readers of BP and articles on content like this one, know that we require original content on this site, and on our own individual business sites. That is not just because we happen to enjoy creating content, but also because we recognize the value of unique content […]

I Tweak, Do You Tweak?

No, not Twitter and no I am not talking about some weird trip from the 60s. I am talking about tweaking. Constantly editing and improving my website. Especially my writing. Yes, I admit it. I edit articles I’ve written after I post them. A friend of mine told me this was a blogging no no […]

Content as Commodity.

One thing you should know about blogging is a little bit about creating interesting and at least reasonably well-written content. Most would agree that to use a blog platform at any kind of a high level would imply that you have to at some point hit a minimum standard and quantity of organic content. Even if by accident, it should happen somewhere along the way.

Why re-invent the wheel?

One of my favorite blogging buddies is Heidi Nyline of Warline Painting. She has a great writing style and really understands the concept of customer education and service. Most of our blogs here are centered towards educating each other or providing resources to manage our own businesses, or doing product and equipment reviews to keep up […]