Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Mythic Paint-One painters opinion

You can apply Mythic primer to any surface and finish in any colour in a selection of finishes. This is a snapshot of a project I am doing in tandem with TDS, Mythic and Llama Developments Here we are redecorating woodwork that was previously painted with black oil-based gloss at least 5 years ago. It […]

Maximum Painting

    We all have our “go to” sites, you know the ones, they are usually bookmarked or always open in a tab. The ones that we depend on to keep us up on the the latest trends, tools and topics. Mine are usually Social Media or Business related, but lately I have been checking […]

Drying Rack Options

Drying Rack Systems When a paint contractor is working on a finishing project in the shop, whether trim pieces, windows, cabinet doors, shelves, or anything else, a big part of getting the job done efficiently is the racking system you use for all the parts. Like most contractors, shop space is at a premium and […]