Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Where should I build my content?

If you have been following along in our Roadmap series, you likely understand why you should be blogging and may now be wondering where and how to build your online property. One of the first things to consider is whether to build it (website/blog) yourself or hire part or all of it out. For an industry that […]

Why are you Blogging?

As sales continue to be competitive for paint contractors, blogging has come back around as a hot topic. It is easier than ever to find helpful tips on how to set up a blog. Contractors are putting more energy into building nice looking sites with blog space, and conversations quickly move to “Ok, so, what […]

Is Blogging on your Roadmap?

Blogging Now that most everyone has a built a platform to blog on and published several variations of “Why we are the best painters”, “Which Paint should you use” and a few “Before and After” posts it’s time to rethink content and why we are blogging. In 2016, contractors are ramping up their blogging efforts, […]

Is Networking on your Roadmap?

As a bunch of reformed internet forum junkies ourselves, we could not be happier than to have seen in 2015 the online evolution (some say revolution) that came with the emergence of the online social media group phenomenon. Members ourselves of some remarkable – and some private – assemblies of painters, we see painter to […]