Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Why are you Blogging?

As sales continue to be competitive for paint contractors, blogging has come back around as a hot topic. It is easier than ever to find helpful tips on how to set up a blog. Contractors are putting more energy into building nice looking sites with blog space, and conversations quickly move to “Ok, so, what […]

The More Things Change…

The more the internet kind of stays the same… The good news is that it is only getting easier to publish a professional blog. If you have any kind of computer and a smartphone, you are half way there. It’s the other half that makes the difference between a blog with substance and one that […]

Regina Garay of Fauxology

One of the greatest things to come out of the Shootout was getting to meet new bloggers. I had seen a few posts on the Fauxology Blog and enjoyed the beautiful pictures Regina posted on her Facebook Page. After seeing her entry, Embossed Allover Designs, it was clear why she was chosen as the winner […]

The Doors of Perception

This month my blog culminated a Blog Shootout for contractors. It was a month long event that was well sponsored by four manufacturers and attracted a small but pleasing variety of writers, from new blogs to some extremely polished and well promoted blogs. The event was interesting and exciting, as it was nice to see […]