Monday, May 20, 2024
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Elevated Water Tower Painting

  Large scope projects are never simple  Industrial painting on an elevated water tower is a great deal more involved in the aspects of planning, logistics and safety.  When you get down to it, painting is painting.  With qualified painters and depth knowledge of the overall painting process, almost anything can be painted!  Last year, […]

Denver Historic Home Restoration

History is abundant in the Denver area. That’s why we take pride in giving older homes a “rejuvenated life.” Whether it’s ensuring an existing building is secure or adding up-to-date amenities, we appreciate the style and architectural needs with the ability to complete the project. Dowd Restoration brings back the value, splendor and integrity in […]

And the Winners are……..

It has been several weeks since my “blogging buddy”  Scott Burt of Topcoat Review announced the “Shootout”, a blogging contest for painters.  I followed the contest, entered it myself, and made a few discoveries while perusing the entries. There is a lot of talent out there! That planted the seed for The Blogging Painters. The […]

Maximum Painting

    We all have our “go to” sites, you know the ones, they are usually bookmarked or always open in a tab. The ones that we depend on to keep us up on the the latest trends, tools and topics. Mine are usually Social Media or Business related, but lately I have been checking […]

The Doors of Perception

This month my blog culminated a Blog Shootout for contractors. It was a month long event that was well sponsored by four manufacturers and attracted a small but pleasing variety of writers, from new blogs to some extremely polished and well promoted blogs. The event was interesting and exciting, as it was nice to see […]