Monday, February 6, 2023
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7 Powerful Digital Marketing Techniques You Didn’t Know You Could Use

In today’s world, marketing has become synonymous with digital marketing. This is because channels like social media, blogs, emails, etc. are more prevalent than traditional channels like newspapers and radio.  If you have been leveraging digital marketing for a while, then chances are, you already know about popular techniques like social media marketing, content marketing, […]

Research Shows Contractor Expectations For Distributors Are Changing

The way building products manufacturers traditionally engaged with distributors and contractors has changed, and yesterday’s marketing strategies to connect with these audiences fails to work as well as it used to. In-person sales calls, lunch-and-learns, phone calls and routine training seminars were the primary ways manufacturers engaged with the distributor sector, built loyalty, shared new […]

Angie’s List Reviews: More Important Than Ever

Angie’s List reviews are now visible to anyone and everyone. In March the site announced it would no longer require paid memberships to access their online business listings and reviews. While this announcement was met with little fanfare, the potential impact on residential and commercial painting contractors is huge. Here is why this matters to […]

4 Tips For Better Work Agreements

The work is the most important part of any contracting job, but your work agreement comes in hot as second. A contract is obviously important when it comes to avoiding costly lawsuits, but it’s more than just avoiding legal fees. A well-written work agreement will save you misunderstandings and the time, money, and frustrations attached […]