Saturday, May 18, 2024
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How can you create a painting newsletter customers actually read?

Did you know that companies using email to nurture leads generate 50% more high-quality leads? (source: Hubspot) Thus, if your painting business isn’t leveraging newsletters in your marketing strategy, you’re missing a quantifiable amount of revenue. DK Marketing Group has developed the following 6 keys to help ensure your newsletter program is successful: Develop Newsletter GoalsUsing a […]

Why your website should be Mobile Friendly!

How will Google’s new search engine changes impact your website’s search ranking, traffic and leads? Have you noticed your website’s search engine traffic decline the past couple of weeks? On April 21st, Google updated their search algorithm by adding ‘mobile-friendliness’ to the factors it uses to rank websites on its mobile search engine results. The […]

Getting Started With Google Authorship

Author Rank is a content ranking system used by Google which seems poised to supersede, if not replace, their Page Rank system. Unlike Page Rank, which evaluates each page of content for relevance and quality, Author Rank considers an author’s entire body of content, ranking pages based on the author’s past performance. Author Rank has […]

Planting The Seeds For Spring

Future Proof Your Painting Business Anyone that’s been in the painting business (or any service business for that matter) understands that there will typically be a lull in work around the wintertime. Weather conditions play a major role in the kind of work that contractors of any kind do, but especially painters in particular. Even […]

Managing your online reputation

A How to Guide to Managing Your Reputation Online   It can be difficult for smaller painting companies to compete online with the large companies.  Many small painting companies struggle with getting potential customers aware that they even exist and is why it can be very beneficial for them to know some ways of getting […]